Our prime function for the past 25 years has been to use raw materials to manufacture quality products according to various formulations to suit the needs of the consumers in various sectors such as the building, engineering, automobile, food industry sectors and various Government Organizations. We also supply various types of quality industrial equipment to be used for cleaning in the industry and we do the filling and packaging of clients’ products into various types of containers.

Quality assurance:
Our products are of very high standards as each batch manufactured goes through a vigorous quality assurance process where tests applicable to the specific product and product standards are performed to ensure that only high quality products leave the factory door. The same commitment to quality that go for our products which bear the SABS stamp of approval, goes for those products that do not carry the mark.

Product range:
We manufacture 2 different ranges of products, namely the Quick Clean range for household products and our Cleanit range which is our industrial strength products. These two ranges can further be split into the different categories of products manufactured, namely: disinfectants, domestic, deodorants, engineering, hand cleaners and –protectors, lubricants, floor treatments, motor valet, sanitary and general purpose cleaners.

Customer service:
We are committed to total customer satisfaction. As we have highly skilled people in our organization, our aim is and always has been to supply the best quality product and best service at all times. Timorous and successful delivery of goods is our priority. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding specialized products, as we will strive to meet all your chemical requirements.

Industrial Cleaning Products

Household Cleaning Products

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